The Ninja Secret for Chinese Scooters - “High Performance Upgrade in a Bag”

Published: 05th August 2009
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Your Scooter runs like crap, has no power and is very sluggish - you know it and I know it, so let's fix it!

The main stay of our scooter business is repairs and high-performance-upgrades (HPU). Everyone wants a scooter with some zip, pizzazz, and some get-up-and-go. All of us hate how slow our scooters go and wish there was a solution. The good news is... there is.

If you own a Chinese scooter, I for one, am a fan. They make a great engine and a great transmission. The bummer part is many of the other components are low quality and cause most of the problems. So at our shop, we simply replace the cheap parts with American parts, and poof, we have a top grade, fast scooter (fast enough to get speeding tickets - just don't ask). I own the fastest street-legal scooter in my town, and here is the step-by-step how you can have the fastest scooter in your town. Here are the parts we replace when people bring their scooter into our shop and ask for a High Performance Upgrade:

• Air Intake System - We completely remove the entire air intake system and we simply replace it with a UNI Racing air filter. We aren't trying to turn our scooters into racing bikes, we are just giving them the air they want to run at their best.

• Spark Plug - We replace that cheap Chinese 49 cent Spark Plug with a high performance NKG Spark Plug. O yeah; now we are talking some power. You'll get more power off the line.

• CDI - The CDI in our Scooters is the brain, it also has the Governor in it. We replace the CDI (yes I realize yours is working fine) with a No-limit CDI. This will get you 3-10 MPH faster.

• Engine Oil - We get rid of that oil that came with the Scooter from China. It's not good quality oil. We change that out immediately with a top grade American Oil.

• Transmission Oil - These scooters use 'gear oil', not transmission oil - but it's the same story. We replace this oil so now our machine is full of American made quality products.

• Fuel Lines - These are one of the key ingredients. The Fuel Lines that come on these scooters are low quality. They collapse very easily when any stress is put on them. We replace all the fuel lines with 3/16th ID (interior diameter) American Made hose. Even the Hulk can't collapse these hoses.

• Air Lines - We use the same hose type to replace all the air lines to/from the carb and engine. These can also collapse and ruin your top-end speed.If your scooter chokes out near top speed, this is why.

That's it. Find those parts and replace them and you'll have the fastest scooter in town. If you need help finding the parts for your scooter, call us and we have a "High Performance Upgrade Kit" for only $97 for all the parts. Turn your scooter into a monster. You'll have more power, higher MPG, higher MPH and it will run smoother and cleaner. You'll be able to beat cars off the line at stop lights, no one will be honking at you anymore, and you will once again, fall in love with your scooter and remember all the reasons you bought it.

Mark Kemp is the Parts Manager for ScooterStock in Orem, Utah. They specialize in Chinese Scooter Parts and High Performance Upgrades for most Chinese Brands. They have a Bounty- Hunter program; meaning they specialize in finding the hard-to-find parts

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